Are you shooting this season?

Whenever disruption afflicts the game meat sector, which seems to be a yearly occurrence at the moment, information flow is crucial to securing shooting’s future. To that end, we are asking you to complete a super quick, 2 question survey.

We know this season will be restricted by the impact of bird flu, but we need to know how badly. At BGA our mission is to Promote, Assure and Develop the game meat market, and that development has always meant improving the flow of information in our sector. Agriculture has information management down to a fine art, because responding to challenges in the land-based sectors requires data, and we want those tools for game shooting. BGA played this role during COVID-19 response, joining two food industry forums on behalf of game shooting, and now we need to do it again to help regulators and game retailers understand the scale of the problem bird flu has caused.

To that end, please answer the two questions in our survey: if you have a shoot, are you shooting a full calendar? If you shoot elsewhere, has your shooting been curtailed? Your answers will help us keep the right people informed.

Finally, it is game fair season! Our Head of Ops Louisa Clutterbuck was at the Royal Welsh this week, where the Welsh Game Guide was released and the future of Welsh game thoroughly debated. And of course we will all be at The Game Fair, stand H057, if you would like to come and say hello and tell us how you feel about game meat and the future of shoot assurance.

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