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The importance of your dog’s food


Sponsored content from Mole Valley Farmers Quality is hugely important when it comes to what we feed our pets – your dog’s food is one of the most important factors in their life. Your dog gets most of what their body needs from their food, from the energy needed to keep them active to the incredible array of nutrients that form every tissue and keep every cellular process going through their diet. Using the right food with the right nutritional value is key to your dog’s health. In the UK the quality of your pet's food is subject to nutritional regulation. ...

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Canine eye health testing with The Kennel Club


Visit The Kennel Club (KC) at The Game Fair to have your dog's eyes tested and talk about other relevant health tests for your breed. Eye testing is really important for all breeds of dog, including working gundogs and it only takes ten minutes so can be completed on the day. BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Testing Appointments available on Friday, July 26th, and Saturday, July 27th for BVA/KC/ISDS eye testing. Benefits of BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme: • Comprehensive assessment: Detect potential eye concerns early, even those not visible in routine checkups. • Responsible breeding: Provides the information you need to make informed breeding decisions ...

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On the hunt for a working dog puppy? Here’s how to choose


Spring is on its way and it's the time when many people think about taking on a new working dog puppy. The evenings are getting lighter and the weather is improving - both of which make training a youngster a little bit easier. But how do you make the right choice when choosing a puppy, particularly a working breed like a spaniel or labrador? Darren Kirk We asked award-winning gundog trainer Darren Kirk of Kirkbourne Spaniels for his tips on choosing a working dog puppy. This is what he advised: "First of all, decide how your dog will be ...

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Gundogs are what they eat


The way to a fit, happy and successful gundog is through its stomach. We ask Julie Collins of Dog & Field why canine nutrition is as important as having the right training equipment Every dog owner knows that diet is important. Dogs are omnivores, so benefit from eating both plant and meat but the key to balancing that diet lies in achieving a complex mix of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids (from protein) and fatty acids (from fat). It’s not quite as simple as plucking a product off the shelf of Pets at Home. “It’s really ...

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Don’t be a dummy when it comes to gundog training


With the increasing emphasis on sustainability it’s more important than ever that our gundogs are fully prepared for their vital role. Julie Collins from Dog & Field details an innovative range of training dummies to help you out. It’s November, the Guns have been slipped, the sloe gin is being poured and the last drive is over… but not for you. You’re stood facing thick brambles and high nettles with your best dog by your side and the keeper has just asked you to pick the birds the last Gun dropped in there somewhere. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, a true test of your dog, your handling and your training. But now the nerves kick in, you begin to question all the choices you made when training your dog. Have I done enough? Will it pick the birds from that cover? Will it leave them there? Where’s that gin when you need it? Setting your dog up for success Being invited to bring a dog on a shoot is truly a joy and something we look forward to throughout the close season. And if there’s a chance ...

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