We are delighted to have partnered with Debrett’s this year.

Debrett’s is a renowned authority on etiquette, social skills, and manners in Britain, with a history dating back to 1769. Originally established as a publisher of peerage guides, Debrett’s has since evolved into a comprehensive resource on British aristocracy and contemporary social etiquette. The company offers advice on a wide range of topics, from traditional courtship and modern dating to business etiquette and communication skills. Debrett’s publications, including the iconic “Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage,” serve as definitive guides to the British aristocracy, detailing the lineage and heraldry of the country’s noble families. Over the years, Debrett’s has become synonymous with high society, providing essential knowledge for navigating social occasions and maintaining decorum in various contexts.

With this in mind, Debrett’s has produced The Debrett’s Guide to Country Pursuits, which you can download here. It’s the perfect publication to align with The Game Fair, which is a quintessential celebration of the British countryside and rural life.

The Guide gives key information on the code for dressing for the countryside, whether you’re at a shooting party, fishing, or riding. If you’re a city slicker, then the Guide has a useful section for you too and also describes how to be a country house guest, how to drive in the country and the rules of being in the countryside. Archery and falconry also have a section.

The Game Fair, an annual event held in the UK, is a quintessential celebration of the British countryside and rural life. Established in 1958, it is the largest festival of its kind, attracting enthusiasts of country pursuits, outdoor activities, and conservation. The event typically takes place over three days in the summer, rotating between prestigious country estates and parklands across the country. The Game Fair showcases a wide array of activities, including clay pigeon shooting, falconry, fishing, and archery, appealing to both seasoned sportsmen and novices alike. It also features equestrian displays, gundog demonstrations, and ferreting, offering a comprehensive experience of traditional country sports.

The Fair also provides a platform for discussions on rural issues, drawing in policymakers, industry leaders, and conservationists. As a hub for the rural community, The Game Fair fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for countryside traditions, making it a beloved institution in the UK.