The Sporting Dog Pavilion will feature familiar favourites as well as some more unusual breeds.

The dogs will all be accompanied by their experienced owners, handlers and breeders, giving visitors the chance to learn about how they work, and understand their temperament and characteristics. Some dogs will also be taking part in various competitions and demonstrations in the Working Dog Ring throughout the weekend.

Whether you simply want to discover more about the many and varied breeds that work in the field or you are looking for your next shooting companion, you’ll get a fantastic heads-up from the team of experts on hand, who will be only too happy to offer their thoughts.

Breeds on show will include: Bracco Italiano, Brittany (Epagneul Breton), Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Clumber Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, English Setter, Flatcoat Retriever, French Spaniel, German Longhaired Pointer, German Shorthaired Pointer, Gordon Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Lagotto Romagnolo, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Slovakian Roughaired Pointer, Spanish Water Dog, Sussex Spaniel, Weimaraner, Welsh Springer Spaniel.

The Working Dog Ring

Teams of golden retrievers, flatcoat retrievers, labradors, Clumber spaniels, Irish water spaniels, Nova Scotia Duck Toll – all breeds you’re likely to see in the Working Dog Ring this summer. Watch displays and demonstrations covering all aspects of working dogs. Organised by Neil Varney of Twistmount Gundogs.

Gundog kennels such as Strigadae, Misselchalke and Twistmount will be representing the gundogs. Speeding things up will be a working lurcher demonstration along with the famous Grudge Match between lurchers and terriers which has been a favourite in previous years.

Working Dog Ring 2024 Timetable
10.00 Twistmount Gundogs
10.30 Working Clumber Spaniel Society
11.00 Golden Retriever Team
11.30 The Pet Gundog with Lez Graham
12.00 Parade of the Sporting Pavilion
12.30 Strigadae Gundogs
13.00 Working Lurcher Demonstration
13.30 Misselchalke Gundogs
14.00 Retriever Team South West
14.30 Minority Breed Retriever Team (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Sunday)
15.00 Working Test Demonstration
15.30 Family Gundog Team
16.00 Flat Coat Retriever Team (Friday and Sunday) (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Sunday)
16.30 Gundog Grudge Match
17.00 Presentation of Outside Events
working dog arena

Accredited pet gundog instructors

Join Lez Graham and some of the accredited pet gundog instructors at the Working Dog Ring for a demonstration of the training approach that started the pet gundog ‘movement’ back in 2010 with the publication of her first book The Pet Gundog.

All accredited pet gundog instructors embrace effective, educational and motivational training, making it a joy to attend training with your pet gundog and fun to carry on the training at home. Our demonstration will highlight how using these time-tested methods, you can have fun training your dog from beginner pet gundog, to advanced, to working pet gundog.

The pet gundog’s approach to training helps you to build a relationship with your dog based on trust and common sense, enabling you to have a dog you can be proud to take anywhere, as well as behaviour changing techniques that will develop a well-mannered, relaxed dog at home.

There are 22 accredited pet gundog Instructors based around the UK and, as well as seeing them in the demonstrations at 11.30am each day, you’ll find some instructors, along with Lez, at stand E1180 where you can find out more about the pet gundog’s common-sense approach to training, where to train, and be able chat to the instructors. You’ll also be able to enter our competition which could win you three month’s free membership to Lez Graham’s The Pet Gundog Club.

Lez will be taking questions and demonstrating the Lez Graham Retrieving Roll, an innovative piece of equipment designed to motivation and encourage an enthusiastic retrieve, at 2.30pm each day on stand E1180 located beside the Working Dog Ring.

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