Driven boar rifle on the horizon

Gun and rifle maker I S Sweetman has been working on a built-from-the-ground-up 9.3 x 62 bolt action rifle, designed specifically with driven boar hunting in mind.

Built on an original Mauser .98 action, the rifle features a front-mounted Aimpoint optic, leaving the top of the rifle clear for fast reloads. Photographed part-way through the build process, it is now nearing completion and is adorned with fine scroll engraving throughout.

The final few details will include a driven boar vignette on the floor plate, gold name, numbers and safe and colour-hardened action and furniture.

Stop by the I S Sweetman Gun & Rifle Makers stand at World Gunmakers’ Evening on November 3rdat the Tower of London to see how this rifle is progressing, as well as some other very exciting projects.

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