Freddy is a renowned horse trainer and equestrian performer who has competed and performed worldwide. His highest world ranking in Cossack trick riding was 9th in 2019. With years of experience studying horse behaviour, Freddy has developed innovative training methods. He continually strives to achieve new and exciting milestones with the horses he trains, incorporating diverse horsemanship techniques from around the globe.

Holly Barber collaborates with Freddy, bringing her expertise as an international working equitation rider and trainer. Holly has competed on the international circuit since she was 13 and has trained multiple horses to reach the top levels. Her accomplishments include competing worldwide and performing in shows and galas in countries like China. In 2018, Holly and her horse Exparta D’Atela achieved a world ranking of 6th.

Recently, Holly and Freddy have joined forces to express their passion for horses through their new show: “Spectacle Of Equitation.” Combining highly trained horses, niche disciplines, and innovative ideas, they have created a unique and breathtaking performance. Audiences can expect to be amazed by beautiful Lusitano horses performing in traditional costume, with dancers on the ground collaborating in an effortless dance between horse and human.

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