Ahead of The Game Fair, we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Howell.

She’s a stylist and designer who has created looks for the ever-elegant actor Helen Mirren and has also worked with Mick Jagger.

Work of a stylist

So what does a stylist actually do? Well, they will help you to work out what kinds of clothes flatter you and what you should avoid. They’ll help you find clothes that fit your budget and the life you lead.

Natalie has been a stylist for 25 years. She lived in Hollywood for 10 years, doing plenty of red carpet looks for the Oscars. She has worked for Vogue and Elle magazines and when she came back to the UK her brand Hunt and Hall was born.


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Natalie says: “With a background rooted in both the fashion world and the countryside, my journey in the industry began as a personal stylist at Matches Fashion. Starting in women’s wear, I swiftly transitioned into men’s wear, climbing the career ladder. My path led me to Los Angeles, where I collaborated with renowned magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Vanity Fair, styling celebrities like Elle Fanning, Helen Mirren, and The Rolling Stones. I then went on to work with English country brands like Beaufort & Blake, Fairfax & Favor as well as high end labels such as Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabana.

“Growing up surrounded by idyllic landscapes and within a farming family, I cultivated a passion for various equestrian pursuits, from clay pigeon shooting to eventing horses. Witnessing Mark Todd’s triumphant moments at Burghley and Badminton aboard our family horse ignited my admiration for both performance, excellence and timeless style.
“Guided by the elegance of my mother and grandmother, who epitomised grace and sophistication, I discovered my passion for curating enduring style. To me, fashion is more than fleeting trends; it’s a reflection of identity and values. My aim is to craft wardrobes filled with investment pieces that withstand the test of time, embodying a lifestyle rooted in authenticity and longevity.
“The name “Hunt and Hall” pays homage to our family’s heritage, as our ancestral home was once known locally as Hunting Hall. This name reflects our profound connection to both the countryside and the world of fashion.”


Hunt & Hall clothes

Detachable pussy bow ties, washable satin, hypoallergenic alpaca – practical and hardworking clothes

Many of the tweeds and wool used by Hunt and Hall are from the UK.

Natalie continues: “My collections are all about being adaptable. You spend money on a key statement, classic piece but want to change things around for a different look. So that’s why I’ve added detachable fur trims to collars and gloves. I’ve also thought about different weights for tweeds – for example the coats I am launching at The Game Fair are in a lighter tweed that’s perfect for spring weather. You can dress the pieces up, if you’re going to Cheltenham for example, or dress them down with a scarf and a beanie. It’s all about versatility.

“Since having my daughter I’ve also got an eye on practicality. My blouses are created in a washable satin that you can throw in the machine – silk and a young child just don’t go together. The blouses have detachable bows so you can change up the look.

“Also when you have children your priorities change. I can justify spending money on a handbag because I will use it a lot but with clothes you have to do the maths, the cost per wear analysis. You also need to be able to style things differently so the outfit changes whenever you wear it.”

Guy Ritchie’s new Netflix series ‘The Gentlemen’ has really struck a chord with fashionable country types and I asked Natalie for her take on it. She says: “The Gentlemen beautifully captures the essence of old money English upper-class style and I aimed to echo that sentiment in my collection. From the rich heritage checks to the impeccable tailoring, my pieces seek to emulate the timeless elegance showcased in the series. While the characters in The Gentlemen navigate a world of intrigue, their style embodies a tradition of class and sophistication.”

So what is Natalie wearing to The Game Fair?

“White jeans if the weather is nice and tan boots. Blue jeans if it’s muddier. I’m also thinking of a Langley blazer, maybe paired with a brown polo neck.”

Styling help on the stand

Visit the Hunt & Hall stand at The Game Fair and Natalie will be there to give you her sought-after styling advice, to help you get your look right. You’ll be able to shop classic pieces that won’t date but will earn their place in your wardrobe for years.