Emma Crosland and her partner Simon LOVE glamping at The Game Fair. So much so that this year they bought tickets within 20 minutes of the glamping going live!

We talked to Emma to ask her why she and Simon are such fans.

Here’s what she told us.

“Last year we booked to go to The Game Fair for just one day but we ended up loving it so much, we bought tickets for all the remaining days!

“This year we were keen to book glamping at the earliest opportunity and bring our gundogs along, so we were very excited when the glamping box office went live.”

Man and woman with spaniels

Emma and her partner Simon with their dogs

Fans of glamping

We asked Emma why they are both so keen on glamping. She said: “We first went glamping in a shepherd’s hut on the isle of Anglesey last year. It was everything we could imagine and more.   Having a comfortable and real bed is a game changer and sets you up for the day ahead after having a quality night’s sleep.

“For us an important part of an adventurous glamping weekend is to include our dogs as they are a huge part of us.”

And what about glamping at The Game Fair Emma?

“The Game Fair is the perfect place to go glamping as you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of being a part of the countryside itself. You can soak up the true experience of The Game Fair, which is a tremendous and authentic celebration of the countryside and all of its pursuits.

“Glamping offers the opportunity to relax during the evening within stunning surroundings, to soak up the friendly atmosphere while being at one with the countryside and close to nature. It’s the allure of nature while enjoying the luxury of glamping.”

Glamping at The Game Fair

How cosy is this? One of the glamping tents on offer at The Game Fair.


And what are Emma’s essentials? “The essentials in a glamping tent are a comfortable bed for a quality night’s sleep and your favourite champagne. While glamping you should bring dogs, champagne flutes, a small BBQ, your favourite country attire, a cool box with your favourite foods for the first night, (you can’t beat classic steak, chicken and sausages on the BBQ, along with a favourite wine), dog beds, dog treats, a couple of comfy chairs, favourite essential toiletries and a good credit card for essential purchases over the days.”

There are still a few glamping tickets left for The Game Fair which you can book here.