Great Taste at The Game Fair

Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food & drink accreditation in the UK and beyond. It supports and promotes food & drink producers, large and small, giving shoppers and food lovers reliable recommendations for great tasting food. Great Taste Book is the annual directory listing award-winners from 2020.

Each jar, packet and bottle displaying a Great Taste logo is a guarantee every product has been through the rigorous and independent judging process. The logo will always display the year it was judged and a star-rating.

It’s not about smart packaging or clever marketing – it’s all about Great Taste.

What do the stars-ratings mean?

3-stars: Exquisite: Extraordinarily tasty foods – around 2% of products are awarded 3-stars each year. Don’t leave the shop without buying it!
2-stars: Outstanding: Above and beyond delicious – less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating.
1-star: Simply delicious: A food that delivers fantastic flavour – approximately 25% of entries will achieve this rating each year.
To search for more award-winning food and drink from this and previous years, click here.

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