Hanbury Watches

We spent five minutes with Paul Masters, founder and creator of Hanbury Watches who are currently live with their second Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

I’m based in Worcestershire in the heart of the UK. I have a passion for watches and design so the creation of Hanbury was very natural.

In 2016 I sat down with my father to discuss my ideas (Hanbury). We came up with a business plan and discussed names, concepts and everything else I needed in place to get started. I live near Hanbury Woods so naturally, I decided to go with that name.

After spending hundreds of hours designing the watches an idea came to me to create a traditional Stainless Steel watch but with handcrafted dials made from various types of real wood, this was my best idea and design feature which led to the successful launch of the Hanbury brand.

Early in 2017 I found Kickstarter, Kickstarter is a platform that allows entrepreneurs and designers to not only present ideas, but also to test the market to see if people (backers) like it and are willing to invest in it.

I filmed a video with a friend and with the help of Kickstarter, Hanbury was launched! After 14 days I successfully reached my funding goal and by the end of the campaign, I reached £16,464 with the help of 134 backers, Thank you all so much.

I went to work and delivered all of the watches on time in early 2018. I’ve since gained so much more experience at shows, exhibitions and events and have learned a lot. It’s really been an incredible journey. I’ve attended over 50 outdoor shows across the UK showcasing my brand and I recently received an invite by The Game Fair to exhibit in Qatar where my brand and watches were viewed by members of the Qatari Royal Family.

If someone asked me today, what is Hanbury? What is the message? I would say Hanbury is an independent UK watch brand, supported and backed by individuals from all over the world that believe in something a little different.


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