If you’re involved in land management, then you’ll find plenty to catch your interest at The Game Fair.

Land management covers so many areas today. From solar technology to soil, water quality to biodiversity, affordable housing to kitchen gardens, creating apprenticeships.

We have exhibitors covering just about every area. You might have some outbuildings that are no longer in use and wondering what to do with them. We have experts who will show you how to turn them into a new and reliable revenue stream (and why you should).

Or perhaps you’re hearing good things about drone technology and land management and would like to know more.

Roy Cox is responsible for managing for the vast acres of the Blenheim Palace Estate, home of the 2024 Game Fair. He has been Managing Director of Estates at Blenheim for 11 years. We talked to him about his role and what it covers – you can read his interview in full here. 

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