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We have one of the longest shooting lines at any event – The Subaru Shooting Line – delivered by the experienced team from one of the world’s best-loved shooting grounds and sporting agencies, E. J. Churchill.

You can have-a-go at clay shooting there, under the eye of highly qualified coaches. Or hone your technique. Superb teaching is offered, from BASC and the CPSA. Read more below.

You can bring your own gun or alternatively, an experienced coach will pick out a gun on the stand that fits you for your coaching or have-a-go session.

Book in on the day at the EJ Churchill tent on The Clay Line.

Please note, you are not required to book in advance to try the shooting have-a-gos on the Shoot line. Simply turn up on the day and have a go!


What about competing? There are various clay shooting competitions going on, for shooters of varying levels. Scroll down to read more.

Buying a gun and advice

If you’re looking to buy a new or second-hand gun or rifle, head down to Gunmakers Row, where you can check your gun fit and find knowledgeable advice from experts to help you make the right choice.

Shooting competitions at The Game Fair 

Test your skills and be in with a chance of winning some fine prizes on The Subaru Shooting Line, run by E.J. Churchill. Something for everyone in our great range of competitions.

To enter, visit the E.J.Churchill stand there.

clay line at The Game Fair

The Game Fair Challenge*

This is a 50-bird English Sporting clay competition with a layout developed by the E.J. Churchill team. Challenging and great fun with a daily cash payout over different categories. (Cartridges not included and gun hire not available.)

Entry is £30 with a £25 re-entry.

*shotgun licence holders only

Prizes are as follows:

High Gun winner prize: Isuzu DMax Truck for a six month lease plus the Callaghans Fine Art Perpetual Trophy

Runner up: A men’s jacket from Whitehill and Paddock

Ladies’ High Gun winner: A gift certificate for a custom made shooting vest from Upland Bespoke (stand C707)

Veterans: Fortis Clothing Gilet

Juniors: Switch 4 Interchangeable 4 Lens Set – Evolution Sunglasses and an Evolution cap

The Game Fair Sportrap*

An exciting 25-bird sporting competition, which should appeal to every ability and calibre of shooter. Shot over five stands, five traps and different combinations, this is both testing and fun. There will be a daily cash prize for the Top Gun.

Entry is £15.00 (Cartridges not included and gun hire not available.)

*shotgun licence holders only

Pool Shoot*

A 12 bird sequence and perfect for getting your eye in before trying out the bigger competitions, there’s no better place than the Pool Shoot. Fun is guaranteed and there’s even a daily cash prize for the Top Gun.

Entry is £10.00 (Cartridges not included and gun hire not available.)

*shotgun licence holders only

Have a Go

Ideal for the novice shooter wanting to have a go at clay shooting. All inclusive of clays, 10 cartridges and expert shooting instructor. Entry £15. (Gun hire included.)

Gun Storage

£10.00/gun / day (shotgun licence must be shown for drop off and collection and no overnight storage is available)

shooting line at The Game Fair

BASC at The Subaru Shooting Line

BASC Coaching

Fancy having a lesson with a BASC qualified and experienced coach?

Like to try a new sport? Or would you  benefit from expert tuition?

Then visit the BASC Have-a-Go area at The Subaru Shooting Line.

Enjoy a lesson from a qualified coach, covering eye dominance, safe gun handling, correct stance, gun fit, gun mount and how to hit a moving target. The fee includes the cost of cartridges, clay targets, eye and ear protection, the loan of a shotgun and a shooting vest.

If you have your own shotgun with you at The Game Fair and are experiencing problems with gun fit then please come and chat with our coaches.

Book early! BASC at The Subaru Shooting Line can get very busy, so lessons and safe shot sessions must be booked in advance. You can book your tuition here. 

BASC members get complimentary entry to The Game Fair but if you need to book tickets, click here.

BASC Shotgun Coaching

Adults and children can enjoy a lesson from a qualified BASC shotgun coach, covering eye dominance, safe gun handling, correct stance, gun fit, gun mount and how to hit a moving target.

16 year olds and under BASC members: £10 / non-members: £15

Adult BASC members: £15 / Adult non-members: £20

Bookings can be made online here before the show and walk ins will be available during the show.

BASC Safe Shot

BASC Shotgun Safe Shot provides those that take it with a chance to demonstrate a confident and safe use of shotguns in a field based situation. It was designed with the knowledgeable live quarry shooter in mind. The Safe Shot assessment is made up of 3 elements:- a multiple choice question paper, an empty gun handling section after which you will be asked to demonstrate safe live firing.

£30 per person

Bookings can be made online here before the show and walk ins will be available during the show.

BASC Shotgun Experience

As well as lessons, there will also be an opportunity for beginners and experienced alike to shoot informally with a coach in our ‘shooting experience’.

Adults £10 for 10 shots

No pre booking available, please visit the BASC Shotgun line.

Try Sustainable Ammunition

BASC would like to invite you to come and try Eley steel cartridges on clays under the supervision of a BASC coach.

The session will cost you £10 and you will get 10 shots.

Guns and equipment provided.

No pre booking available, please visit the BASC Shotgun line.

BASC Airgun Line

Adults and children can enjoy 10 shots for £3 whilst being mentored by a BASC air rifle coach.

Height restrictions apply.

No pre booking available, please visit the airgun line to have a go.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) at The Game Fair

Clay shooting

The Clay Pigeon Association (CPSA) is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England, supporting clay target shooting enthusiasts across the UK.

The Association promotes the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of the sport, and is open to all who want to learn, develop or use their skills to compete at every level, through to both Regional and National level competitions, as well as for the England Clay Shooting Team.

The CPSA at The Subaru Shooting Line is open at The Game Fair for clay shooting taster sessions, offering ten shots over two targets open to all (minimum age of 10) at the Fair. The stands are manned by CPSA qualified instructors and coaches and the cost is £12 for 10-15 year-olds, and £15 for those 16 plus. The CPSA will also have their membership stand on Gunmakers’ Row, open to all members and non-members for questions and support about the sport and to offer information about the benefits of joining the 22,0000-members strong Association.

The CPSA Champion of Champions

The CPSA Champion of Champions clay shooting competition at The Game Fair invites top-shots from across England to compete for the title and takes place on Saturday. Each CPSA County Committee puts forward their County Champion to test themselves on The Game Fair sporting course. The top five scorers from all the County Champions are then invited for a spectacular shoot-off in the arena, to see who will be named The Champion of Champions. This is a thrilling event, drawing in the crowds to determine who is best of the best at the Fair.

The CPSA Game Fair Colts Challenge

The top twenty ranked under 16s English sporting clay-target shooters are invited by the CPSA to test their ability at The Game Fair. All twenty Young Shots will tackle The Game Fair sporting course, before the top five scorers are asked to display their skill on a Sportrap layout in the Shooting Arena on Sunday. This competition is always well attended, as the youngsters show their impressive shooting under pressure, and the tense battle ultimately crowns the top Colt scorer of this year’s Fair.

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