Host a dinner party to help others

The Country Food Trust, The Game Fair’s charity for 2021, is inviting you to host a dinner party at your home on Friday February, 26th for as many guests as space allows, or as Covid-19 rules permit.

The goal is for over 2,000 people to attend individual dinners across the country, with each party raising vital funds to ensure another 250,000 meals can reach those in need, including children and their families. There will be online access to both a silent and a live auction for everyone attending and a prize for the group who raises the most money on the night and many other fun categories besides!

Last year was an extremely challenging one and, for the first time, many of us had to face the prospect of temporary food shortages caused by panic buying.

But that pales into insignificance when you consider the8.4 million fellow citizens for whom access to food every day is not a given.

It is a shocking number and one which has increased because of the pandemic.

In between lockdown restrictions, The Country Food Trust visited some of the 1,900 charities it has helped so far. It is always inspiring to come face to face with people working at these frontline charities and sobering to meet those who for a plethora of different reasons need help. Increasingly it is not just the unemployed but those with jobs who need support because wages simply do not cover the growing cost of living.  Today many continue to face a winter where the choice of clothing, heating or food has become a real and sometimes daily dilemma.

The Country Food Trust also started work on its third ready meal and aimed it specifically at children in need. With the help of the charity’s Consultant Chef Tim Maddams, it launched a delicious venison-based Country Bolognese in the autumn, using venison shot with non-lead ammunition, so the meals were suitable for children as well as their families.

Now it needs to raise even more funds to help children and their families in need and has a target to raise another £250,000 before next spring.

So the charity urges you to call your friends and family, rally the troops, be part of the fun, give your friends something to look forward to and help make a difference to young lives this winter.

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