Huge opportunity for Women Who Work in Fieldsports

A new platform enabling women who work in fieldsports to connect and support one another is being set up.

Called Women Who Work in Fieldsports, the concept is the brainchild of British Game Assurance director of operations, Louisa Clutterbuck, alongside Vanessa Steel and Iona Campbell, from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

Women Who Work in Fieldsports (WWWF) was created to start a strong female network of women who work within the shooting sector. It is for women who may not shoot or fish themselves but help run shoot days, work in the office, help process game, run a game meat business, or have any other involvement within fieldsports.

It will be officially launched in London on March 21st,  when women from across the industry will come together In Conversation with Ali Henton, editor of the Field, and Claire Zambuni, director of Zambuni Communications.

The event, being held with the support of GWCT at its London office in Temple Chambers, aims to provide a comfortable setting for women to network and provide each other with support in a male-dominated industry.

Independent wine merchants Corney & Barrow will be sponsoring the event as part of its ongoing ‘Welcoming Women into Wine’ series of events.

Further events will be held throughout the year – both in person and remotely – with a variety of aims, be it informal, educational or coaching sessions.

Founder Louisa Clutterbuck said: “Women Who Work in Fieldsports has been set up to create an open, accessible community of women in the fishing and shooting sector. While the prominence of women has grown within the sector, we still have a long way to go in enabling those women to gain the skills necessary to succeed in a male-dominated industry. We are so looking forward to the launch event on March 21st and hope to see many of you there.”

Claire Zambuni added: “It is an honour to have been asked to speak at the launch of WWWF. I have worked in the fieldsports arena for almost 20 years now, setting up my own business, being a single mother and championing other women along the way.

“Since the start, I have seen so many positive changes, but I can still see so many ways that the experiences of women, in particular younger females coming into the industry now can be improved.

“There is still a long way to go for women’s skills and expertise to be recognised as equal to men’s, so I fully support WWWF’s aim of closing this gap. Women have so much to offer; they work hard and smart while juggling external pressures. Now, it is time for women to celebrate their worth and we need to give them the confidence to do so.”

Ida Weatherall, Fine Wine sales executive at Corney & Barrow, said: “We are really excited to be sponsoring the network. The passion to create a welcoming space for women in what can often be considered a male dominated industry is very much aligned with our own initiatives here at Corney & Barrow.

“We are also on a mission to welcome more women into the world of fine wine. Developing a series of tastings that allows you to feel relaxed, network and to explore different wines from across the globe.”

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