Industry Influencer – Andrew Gilruth

As the director of communications, marketing and membership for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Andrew Gilruth works hard to correct some of the false narratives from groups like Wild Justice, surrounding animals, their welfare and conservation science.

Andrew said: “I love this role. The opportunity to point out where and when people have oversimplified the situation or made selective use of evidence is challenging but vital. It is made somewhat easier by the fact that, thanks to the financial support of the sporting community, much of the available conservation science behind game management has been produced by the GWCT in the first place.

“This fits within my overall responsibility for our membership, marketing and communications for the charity. Sharing new insights with our members is what it’s all about.

“Walking around the vast expanse of The Game Fair, it’s easy to forget just how few people are still employed in our countryside. When my parents were born, 30 per cent of the nation’s workforce worked in agriculture, forestry and allied activities. Today it is under one per cent.

“In a world separated from agriculture, animals are becoming pets, endowed with human feelings and character. Curiously, this is happening at the same time that society enjoys the highest levels of health, welfare, income and life expectancy in human history; yet it feels insecure. This is a fertile breeding ground for fear, which assists the mobilisation of emotions to support causes and false narratives.”

Andrew added: “Interestingly, The Game Fair was also born in a different era too. Established originally by the GWCT advisory team, as an effective way to share information in the days when there were no computers and even printing leaflets was a costly exercise.

“The rest is history but, even today, our stand will be busy with people coming to ask questions and sharing their own thoughts and ideas. Email and Zoom are fine but being able to chat in person is irreplaceable. Some things may change but The Game Fair will always be the place you still see friends meeting and others discussing things earnestly across the whole showground.

“For most, this will be the first outdoor event of its kind since 2019 and there are more to come, including the GWCT Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace from September 24th to 26th. The event has seen a surge in both ticket sales and exhibition stand bookings since Nicola Sturgeon announced large gatherings will be permitted north of the border too.

“So, if you are coming to either of these events and would like to discuss ideas, do get in touch, it would be a pleasure to meet up over a drink. Either way, I hope you have a great Game Fair.”

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