“It’s all one big adventure”

Oldsport Outfitters might be a new name at The Game Fair but, like the opportunities it offers, founder Tom Cosby believes his business’ presence is just another exciting adventure.

How did Old Sport Outfitters get started? What’s your background?

I have been working within the gun trade since I left school, for companies such as James Purdey & Sons and Atkin Grant & Lang in a sales capacity. Earlier last year I decided to leave standing behind a counter and pursue my passion for hunting, trying my best to turn it into a business.

I have hunted all across the globe looking for adventure and have set up a business to help others find the same thrill I do across all corners of the world.

The business seems quite wide-ranging. What do you offer… and where?

Originally I set up Oldsport Outfitters as a hunting agency using my friends and contacts across the globe to offer amazing hunts and trips that I have experienced myself.

Since starting in early 2020, the business has now expanded to a gunroom offering guns, ammunition and accessories alongside our hunting tours. I have also got a selection of custom “Oldsport” rifles that will be launched at this year’s Game Fair and we will also be offering simulated game days throughout Beds, Herts and Bucks, so it’s fair to say that Oldsport has grown in a relatively short amount of time into a “one stop shop” for fieldsports enthusiasts

Hunting is often misunderstood by some but can you tell us why conservation is so important in this sector?

A difficult question and one that a lot of people will have different views on. Hunting is massively misunderstood which is why we aim to educate each and every client we guide as to why we choose each animal we take carefully, so that it ties in with our management plans set in place for the longevity of the species.

Of all the places you have visited, what has been your favourite… and why?

It would be a very close decision between South Africa and Azerbijan; I would say for sheer adventure value that Azerbijan would be the one. We spent ten days on horseback trekking from base camp and in various spike camps, moving around after our game – the Dagestan Tur. We would trek for miles each day scaling steep rock faces and making ever-changing plans to give ourselves the best opportunity.

Tur hunting is not for the faint-hearted, I class myself as relatively active but I spent six months training five days a week to prepare myself for the high altitude hunting that we were about to face and even I struggled after that. The altitude makes things a lot harder but this means a successful hunt feels even better, knowing the pure work that has gone into it.

It’s probably fair to say the last year has been a challenge, especially for those involved in travel. What has been your experience?

I was in the unfortunate position that I set up my new business just a few months before Covid-19, however I have worked with the cards I’ve been handed and tried my best to push through.

I’ve been fortunate to have guided clients when allowed, have used the time to grow the business and have found that people are still shooting. As long as that is still happening then I will be here to help them in any way I can, from supplying ammunition to guiding stalks and booking hunts.

What made you decide to exhibit at The Game Fair?

As the first Game Fair that I have been in the position to display at, I felt this year was the one for me. The business has grown into various avenues and so has the team here at Oldsport. This Game Fair will be a chance for us to really show what we can offer and promote our services, it will also be a great chance to showcase our “Oldsport” rifles, which I’m sure will attract a lot of interest.


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