There’s something very cool about being able to draw a bow and hit a target accurately. And it’s been a highly admired skill for a long while.

Archery is an age-old sport, featuring on cave paintings, in Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Bayeux Tapestry, the ancient Greek Olympics and in modern times, at The Game Fair. (Visit our archery section here.)



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Try your hand at archery

One of the things people love about The Game Fair is the opportunity it offers to try new pastimes and archery is certainly something you can set your hand to at The Game Fair. Perhaps it will turn out to be a new hobby.

At the Fair archery is organised under the watchful eye of Stratford Archers, a friendly local archery club with members of all ages and abilities.

We asked Richard Laband of Stratford Archers a few questions

Q: How old must you be to start archery?

A: You need to have enough strength to handle a bow. Our team will teach you on a one-to-one basis about hitting the target. We will have a range of bow sizes on offer, so even the youngest can discover their inner archer!

Q: What about those with disabilities? 

A: Archery is very inclusive and our trained coaches can teach people in wheelchairs and those with impaired vision.

Q: What bows can I try at The Game Fair?

A: We’ll be bringing recurve bows. We also bring a selection of our own bows, including longbows, compound bows, sighted recurve bows, horse bows and cross bows. We’ll be talking about them and showing off the latest shooting equipment and styles.

Q: What sort of guidance will I be given?

A: All visitors are given one-to-one coaching, which allows us to train complete novices or give tips on technique to more experienced archers.

Q: What if I really enjoy archery and want to take things further?

A: Our club, Stratford Archers is very friendly and open to all ages and abilities. We are affiliated to Archery GB, which is the national governing body for the sport and a good place to start looking for a reputable archery club near you.

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