Longthorne opens the box…

Longthorne Gunmakers has completed its trigger plate boxlock range, which has been developed and made in Great Britain over the past year, despite the confines of Covid 19.

The range incorporates the firm’s innovative patented barrels (game or sporting) together with several other features including Longthorne chokes (extended and flush), adjustable comb mechanism and recoil pads all made in-house, a UK first.

Smooth to shoot with minimal felt recoil and muzzle flip and proofed for superior steel with 3in chambers, corrosion resistant interior components and adjustable trigger, the ever-expanding range offers a lower-cost alternative to its true sidelock models and are available in several styles to suit most tastes and disciplines, including several side plated designs with a fitted stock.

Longthorne’s marketing director, Elaine Stewart, said: “We are really very happy with this range, it’s taken a while to pull it all together especially given the current situation, we have made lots of design improvements along the way and we believe the finished product has been worth all the effort, we hope our customers do too!”

As an added benefit, if required, the 12g boxlock action can also accommodate 16g, 20g, and 28g barrels as an option to make a multi-barrel set.

The range currently consists of nine different models which the company is continuing to expand. The entry-level Sporter model is £11,995 including VAT.


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