Raise a glass to a new rum launch

Game Fair visitors will be able to toast a brand-new drink in the Beckford’s Rum range next month (July), with the launch of its Maroon.

Coming in at an impressive 65% ABV, the Maroon has already scooped a gold medal at the Grocer Food Expo Awards 2022, although it is only being officially launched at The Game Fair.

Beckford’s says: “A rum should be so smooth you should be able to drink it neat if you want over ice,” although it also tastes great with a good ginger beer, ice and a slice.

It’s a premium Caribbean rum blended with a host of flavours including caramel, juicy orange, beet, ginger and rum spice plus a few secret ingredients.

The rums are named after and in honour of the one Beckford from history that society can be proud of. Henry Beckford was a freed slave who attended the world’s first anti-slavery congress, held in London in 1840, by invitation.

An ardent abolitionist, he was accepted into polite society and became a beacon of light emerging from a dark past. An impression of Henry features on all the brand’s bottles and its premium rum is also called “Henry”.

Based in Bath, the brand was launched in 2019 and the team spent 12 months trialling its products to consumers across the UK.


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