Simon Whitehead of Pakefield Ferrets is a unique character in modern day Britain.

He is a rabbiting aficionado, author of many books which include the acclaimed ‘Ahead of the Game’ and his latest, ‘Pugs and Drummers’. Both delve into the history, harvest, preparation and cooking of wild rabbit, as well as looking into the mindset of the author. His demonstrations are both educational and amusing, but also promote the virtues and practice of ferreting to the wider world.


From a village green to The Game Fair and in-between, Simon’s arena demonstrations are ranked amongst the most entertaining and popular on the UK show circuit and he is constantly evolving his shows.

Thirty minutes of education and action-packed unscripted drama await spectators.

As well as performing, through his static display Simon educates the world about the ferret, rabbit and how the entwined relationship between the two has played out throughout our history.


Public interaction

In-between demonstrations Simon, his ferrets and dogs are on hand for interaction with the public and as popular as the arena demonstrations are, the static display is always a hive of activity as there are many questions to be answered, ferrets to be held and stories to be told. As ferreting is normally carried out in unsociable surroundings and often in solitude, Simon uses the arena demonstrations and static display to explain and illustrate why ferreter, ferrets, dogs and nets are fast becoming more sought-after in the countryside and towns of the UK.


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Organic food

The ferreter is the epitome of the organic and environmentally friendly hunter/gatherer lifestyle and as such a supplier of first class organic, free range meat for the table.

The world is moving on, technology is changing our society, but it is refreshing to find Simon trying to not only make people realise and understand why we ferret but more importantly, get newcomers into the countryside to continue such a fine tradition.

A raconteur of some repute, Simon can display, demonstrate and educate this traditional craft that has survived the growth in technology, showing why the Pakefield Ferrets motto of “ensuring the tradition of ferreting IS continued for further generations” is long remembered after the show has closed.