Outdoorsy, reasonably athletic, a fresh healthy complexion, patient, energetic, dog-loving and well-dressed when the occasion merits – fieldsports fans have a lot to recommend them, particularly if you’re looking for a partner.

So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we asked a few country sorts why they would recommend dating a fieldsports type. Here’s what they said:


Will Pocklington, of Schöffel Country and Le Chameau advised: “Country types are well placed to source a range of wild foods – from venison and pigeon to wild garlic and puffballs.”

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild says: “Date a good Shot and you’ll be in for a treat, safe in the knowledge that the most delicious, sustainable meat will be on the Valentine’s Day menu. Be it venison, pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse, or pigeon, you’re guaranteed a meal filled with flair and flavour.”

Great company

Mark Heath, Head Instructor at West London Shooting School, said: “Ladies who love country sports are usually practical, capable and great company. They invariably listen to their shooting instructor rather more a male counterpart so shoot straighter. Consequently you are unlikely to go hungry.”


Jonathan McGee of Kemen Guns said: “Fishing, more than any other hobby, allows time for the angler to switch off and reflect. Fishing takes patience, strategy and focus. Marry a fisherman. Your partner, should they fish regularly enough, will be relaxed and confident.”

Colleen Jenkins, Marketing Manager at EJ Churchill agrees about the fishing, saying: “Country guys are like fishing: patient and they won’t bail out on you when things get a little tangled. Unless of course, it’s the fishing line, now that’s a different story.”

And a male colleague adds: “Date a woman who loves fishing. You’ll discover she has the patience of a saint, especially when the fish play hard to get.”


Lady Melissa Percy, founder of outdoor clothing brand Mistamina comments: “Men who shoot a lot often have dogs. Building that relationship takes respect, discipline and patience…. all attributes one would look for.”

Who might you meet at The Game Fair?

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