Sporting Saint Training Vest

A high-quality, well-thought-out design boasting a string of features for any dog trainer.

The vest is made from a mesh and ripstop fabric and boasts a zipped two-way front opening plus hidden deep chest pockets, two inside pockets with zip closures, double front cartridge/utility pockets and a large rear waterproof game/carrying pocket with an adjuster.

Each pocket, including the one at the rear, also includes eyelets for drainage.

It also incorporates an elasticated back area so the vest will give and take with you, for example, if you decide to put a jumper or coat under the vest, the elastic allows it to give in the right places.

You’ll find a D-ring either side of the vest to hang extra dummies off, too.

Made in Britain, exclusively for Sporting Saint, it comes in a new green colour with a nazy zip tag.

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