Always a popular destination.

It features the Hound Exhibition where you can meet hounds from three different packs every day of The Game Fair.

There will be different breeds parading every day, from deer hounds to beagles. Each will be on display with hunt staff who will talk about trail hunting and their work in modern day hunting.

Meet and greet sessions in the Ring allow the public to get up close and personal. So be prepared for some enthusiastic face washing, particularly if you’re not tall!

You can watch presentations from The Pony Club and Riding for the Disabled (RDA). There will also be a polo display.

Not forgetting the much-loved Suffolk Punch Horses.

Horses aside, you can meet the Falconry team and tenacious Sealyham terriers.

The Horse and Hounds Ring is definitely a place to keep on the must-visit list! The full timetable is below. (Scroll down for Pony Club activity.)

You can also see the Spectacle of Equitation, Shetland Grand National, Terrier Parade and Falconry in the Main Arena.

Horses & Hounds Ring Timetable 

10.00 Falconry Falconry
10.30 Meet the different hounds Meet the different hounds
11.00 Oxford Polo Oxford Polo
11.30 Suffolk Horse Suffolk Horse
12.00 RDA Teckel Time
12.30 Pony Club Demonstration (FRI Heythrop), (SAT Bicester & Warden) Meet the different hounds
13.00 Meet the different hounds Oxford Polo
13.30 Suffolk Horse Sealyham Terriers
14.00 Oxford Polo Suffolk Horse
14.30 RDA Shetland Grand National
15.00 Pony Club Demonstration (FRI Heythrop), ( SAT Bicester & Warden) Spectacle of Equitation
15.30 Terrier Parade Terrier Parade
16.00 Falconry Falconry
16.30 Close  Close 
Hound Exhibition Only
Commentator Sam Butler Commentator Polly Portwin Commentator Paul Scott
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The Old Berkeley Beagles Westerby Basset Hounds Warwickshire Beagles
Bicester & Warden Hill Hunt Pony Club

Pony Club

The Bicester and Warden Hill Hunt branch started in 1930 and covers the same area as the hunt from which it takes its name and with whom it has strong links.

We have approximately 110 members aged from four to 20 years old. We try to cater for everyone and run a programme of activities throughout the year, including rallies, tests, achievement badges, fun rides, social occasions, specific discipline training and summer camps for mini, junior and senior.

We are an active and inclusive branch whose aim is to combine learning and training with fun and friendship.

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