A celebration of Fishing for all

One of the biggest celebrations of angling, National Fishing Month, kicks off once again at The Game Fair next week

From Friday, July 23rd until August 30th, National Fishing Month will see hundreds of events at fisheries, on rivers and canals up and down the country, for everyone to get involved in.

The initiative is organised and overseen by the Angling Trades Association and designed to get people – youngsters, individuals and whole families – to try or return to the sport as well as explain the important economic, social, health and environmental roles that fishing plays.

The ATA works on behalf of the entire tackle trade – not just its members – to promote the sport, encourage newcomers and spread the word about the multiple benefits fishing can offer to both ourselves and our environment.

It does not matter what age you are, or what previous experience you have. Nor does it matter which cultural or social background you may be from. – fishing is for everyone.

Fishery owners, organisers and angling coaches give up their valuable time to support National Fishing Month; with support from the likes of the Canal & River Trust and the Angling Trust, not to mention many major tackle brands.

Fees are waived and tackle is often made available free of charge too. Events are organised around the UK to show people who have never fished before how to do it. If you’d like to try fishing then now is your big chance.

ATA chairman Andrew Race said: “These initiatives, along with the CRT’s Lets Fish programme with literally hundreds of events planned should, long term, provide British angling with a massive engine to drive participation and it is imperative that every manufacturer, retailer, fishery, and club big or small engages with this framework in some way to enable its true potential.

“The ATA is committed to developing participation in all angling sectors and both Take A Friend Fishing and NFM are designed to cover all angling sectors, so whether you are carp or game, sea or predator, we are focused on footfall through your door. Along with our partners – the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency – we are constantly working to develop and evolve these and other angling initiatives as we go forward.”

At The Game Fair, Ragley Hall’s estate lake provides a stunning setting for you to try fishing for the first time – or get back into it if you have ‘lapsed’.

Experienced coaches from the Canal & River Trust will be on hand to teach you the basics and, hopefully, get you catching fish. Simply book in at the dedicated tent beside the lake for your chance to have a go.

National Fishing Month is just one of the initiatives organised by the Angling Trades Association, alongside its hugely popular Take A Friend Fishing scheme (from July 23rd to September 5th) to safeguard the sport’s future as well as growing the numbers picking up a fishing rod.

You can find more by visiting the ATA and CRT stands in the associations area of the Fishing Village.

Key aims of National Fishing Month
* Increase the number of people getting involved in the sport

* Inform the general public about the economic, social and environmental benefits of angling

* Influence decisions about access, environmental policy and wildlife management so that they take the importance of angling into account

* Improve diversity amongst anglers to counter any perception of who goes fishing – it is all-inclusive


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