Dog Agility

Visit our agility course, run by Mutts & Butts, which any breed can enjoy.

There’s no pressure. Dog agility is a fun sport that you can enjoy with your dog at your own pace and convenience. You don’t have to be fast – just have a good sense of humour (and some energy).

Sara Hall of Mutts & Butts says: “We are so excited to be running an arena at The Game Fair (TGF). This gives visitors a chance to have a go at dog agility for the first time, or demonstrate how brilliant their dogs are at agility if they have done it before! Again, there will be no pressure and we are so excited to be giving everyone a rosette, even if it all goes a bit wrong!!

dog agility


“Last year, we had over 280 dogs taking part, including many of the working breeds who were at TGF and it was just fantastic. We are hoping for the same again, … if not more! It will be £10 per dog and we will give instruction to assist. This includes the rosette and lots of support.

“We welcome dogs of any size and any breed as long as they are healthy and happy. They must be over 12 months old. We have labradors, cocker spaniels, German shepherd, border collies, terriers, cockapoos, labradoodles, miniature schnauzers, mixed breeds, and rescues.”