All you need to enjoy the ultimate Scottish road trip

The North Coast 500 takes in the best of the Scottish Highlands and there’s never been an easier way to enjoy it, thanks to recently launched Highland Overland – which rents out premium 4x4s and all the kit for your adventure.

From the spectacular cliffs of Caithness to the white, sandy beaches of Wester Ross, Scotland’s North Coast 500 route really does offer an inspirational journey for adventure lovers.

And Highland Overland is there to help you every step of the way. Pick up your fully loaded premium Nissan Navarra 4×4 from Inverness Airport and head off on the drive of a lifetime.

The vehicle not only boasts a hard-top roof tent and a well-equipped kitchen set-up but everything you need is included, from pots and pans to sleeping bags and bedding rolls, from torches and cool boxes to tables, chairs, cutlery and a camping washing line. There’s even a spade and a pocket shower!

We spoke to Highland Overland’s Andrew Kennedy to find out more…

TGF Trade News: Can you describe the business in a nutshell?

Andrew: We hire fully loaded luxury adventure vehicles from Inverness Airport for self-sufficient North Coast 500 adventures. Think safari overlanders with rugged roof top tents, stuffed to the rafters with cool kit but with all the comforts of modern cars.

TGF Trade News: How and when did the business start?

Andrew: June 2021! It was a proper lockdown business launch!

TGF Trade News: It’s a great concept. What was in your background that led you to set this up?

Andrew: We love the great outdoors – particularly wilderness fishing and camping. This stuff is pretty inaccessible to those that don’t have the kit, so I thought it would be a really fun idea to create a fly-in, drive-out adventure vehicle rental business where we give you everything you need to create your own adventure.  You just fly in, drive out. All you might need is food!

TGF Trade News: Why choose Scotland’s North Coast 500?

Andrew: It’s the last wilderness left on our island and offers pure escapism from the digital world.

TGF Trade News: Who is your typical customer and who else might enjoy this?

Andrew: People and families with a love of adventure and nature. 

TGF Trade News: What’s your top tip for an adventure of this type?

Andrew: Slow down, take it in, enjoy the wild. I see so many of our rental cars belting it around Scotland trying to do the 500 miles in a week. Pick a chunk, enjoy it properly, see it, hike it, swim it, fish it and then come back next year for the next bit. 

TGF Trade News: Which is your favourite spot on the North Coast 500?

Andrew: Wild swimming in the waterfall pools at Ardessie.

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