Mini Three Gamebird Roast by Chef Jose Souto

This recipe is reproduced with permission from ‘Feathers: The Game Larder’ by author Jose Souto published by Merlin Unwin Books (© 2018).

In Feathers: the Game Larder Steve Lee’s stunning photographs showcase more than the 55 modern, international recipes from master game chef Jose Souto and his culinary friends they impart the beauty of game birds in the field, from source to plate.

Serves 2


1 whole Mallard Duck
1 Breasts of Pheasant
2 Breasts of Woodpigeon
150g Cumberland Sausage meat


Remove the skin and fillets from both the Pheasant and the Pigeon breasts

Remove the wish bone from the Duck.

Starting from the backbone skin the Duck completely so that you remove the skin as a whole piece.

Remove the Duck breasts from the skinned Duck carcass.

Place 1of the Duck Breast in the middle of the skin and season.

Spread a 50g of the sausage meat onto the Duck breast then place the Pheasant breast on this and season.

Again spread another 50g of the Sausage meat onto the Pheasant breast and then place the Pigeon breasts on this and season..

Fold the Duck skin around the Breast overlapping the skin where it meets and season..

Using some butchers string tie 3 times once in the middle and once either side, not too tight or the Sausage meat will be pushed out during cooking.

Wrap the joint in cling film firmly leaving a bit of cling film each end so this can be tied in a knot.

Go around the bird 10 times with the cling film.

Twist the ends and tie the knots tightly as possible at each end to look like a Christmas cracker.

Bring some salted water to boil drop joint into water and allow to simmer for 20 min.

Remove from water cut one end of the cling film with some scissors and allow to drain any liquid for 5 to 10 min.

Place joint into a cold frying pan and as it gets hot the Duck fat will render down and begin to colour skin.

Turn the joint around to allow all the skin to colour then sit on where the skin over laps and place in oven at 170 °C for 20 min basting every now and then.

Remove from oven and allow to rest for 10min somewhere warm but do not cover.

Remove the string

Slice the ends off and cut into 6 slices serve with a Game Jus or gravy.