Black Friday boost for kids from Schöffel

Instead of Black Friday flash sales next week, Schöffel Country has teamed up with Kids Country – an initiative local to the brand providing inspiring countryside experiences to children – to give back to the community.

Schöffel Country will be donating £5 of each sale to Kids Country to help it continue the work it is carrying out, inspiring future generations about our countryside, farming and the food that comes from it.

Kids Country aligns with the beliefs and values of Schöffel Country, Schöffel is driven by the countryside and sees itself as one its guardians of its future.

Kids Country is an organisation whose work reaches to the company’s Rutland heartland and beyond, providing enriching, inspiring experiences for children in the East of England. The programme of educational (and fun) events are held throughout the academic year and provide children with hands-on experiences of food, farming and the countryside. It is one of the largest children’s programmes run by a UK agricultural society.

The organisation is voluntarily run and, in a year, its impact can reach over 10,000 children. From livestock care to potato growing, children from all walks of life gain hands-on experience of the fruits and labours that are part of the fabric of the British countryside.

Schöffel Country’s marketing manager Charlie Coups said: “We were delighted to join the team at Kids Country for the start of Breakfast Week 2022. The children were excited to learn and engaged throughout the morning in a variety of hands-on tasks – it’s not every day you get the chance to see a tractor up close or do a taste test on rare breed vs supermarket sausages! I hope that, over the next 12 months, Schöffel Country can help to shine a light on these countryside heroes and the incredible work they do in educating the next generation.”

Corry Taylor, the company’s managing director, added: “We are delighted to be supporting Kids Country. Through the tireless efforts of their volunteers, thousands of children in the UK are benefitting from that same joy in the countryside that we cherish at Schöffel Country. As many of us know, those formative years of country and outdoor experiences as a child inspire you for life and Kids Country is enabling more children to have those experiences.”

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