Clone rabbit worth retrieving from Dog & Field

Dog & Field’s Original Clone Rabbit Dummy is a great simulation retrieve, thanks not only to its textured fur middle but also to the spread of the weight in the dummy, which is unevenly spread from top to bottom.

The top end of the dummy is heavy, simulating the head and the front legs of the rabbit, deliberately making the rabbit awkward to pick, hopefully then making the dog learn to pick the middle body part for a more balanced retrieve.
James Harding from Riverggin Gundogs said: “The dummy comes in two sizes – small or large. The large version is easy for a Labrador. The small worked very well with a spaniel that wouldn’t pick anything but picked this instantly – a game changer for that spaniel. It’s a good size, well made and piquess the dog’s interest. Great to have in the gamebag to keep them stimulated. Highly recommend.”

The small retails for £9.99 and the large for £12.99.

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