Defra Urges “Every Single Shooting Interest” To Sign Up to the British Game Assurance

Defra Minister Lord Benyon has said ‘every single shooting interest’ should sign up to British Game Assurance. This is the clearest and most public indication the Government has given on what it expects from the shooting community in order to fend off future regulation.

Speaking for the Government in the House of Lords, Lord Benyon said: “I would say to any shoot that is not signed up to British Game Assurance, they are very stupid and they should, because they [BGA] are proving they are getting shooting’s act in order and I really do encourage every single shooting interest to sign up.”

Lord Benyon made the remarks in response to a debate in which anti-shooting activists sought to propose restrictions on game farming.

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Liam Stokes, CEO British Game Assurance, said: “The Government is telling the shooting community what we need to do in order to fend off anti-shooting activism. This the second time in six weeks that the Government has referred to BGA in responding to anti-shooting questions and debates in parliament. Lord Benyon could not have been clearer in his view of anyone who fails to heed this call to action, we are literally being given the playbook. There is no time to lose, to avoid future regulation we need every shoot and game farm to register for British Game Assurance.”

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