Everyone needs a bolthole like this…

Imagine heritage design buildings that not only blend into the landscape but are the perfect places to escape to, away from the madding crowds and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Bonnie Boltholes is set to make a huge splash at this year’s Game Fair, as it will be bringing a stunning 24ft x 10ft fully furnished building to the Ragley Hall estate to showcase its official launch.

The bespoke building, modelled on a traditional Bothy, will be the centrepiece of the new brand, which specialises in using natural stone, heritage slate tiles and, where required, a range of wood, all blended together with the aim of creating an architectural legacy.

Bonnie Boltholes are created and crafted in Britain with passion and a unique attentiveness to each building’s soul, its purpose and its environmental impact.

The brand is keen to work with landowners, developers, architects and those who have a passion for the countryside who have projects in mind.

When designing the external aesthetics, the company is totally driven by the environment and landscape in which these Boltholes will live.

The company has been set up by head of design Britt Foreman and head of build Gavin Rice, whose attention to detail is a key part of the concept.

Britt explained: “With a plethora of landscapes on our beautiful island we handle a multitude of exterior options. We adore our 100 per cent natural stone designs, which are beautifully crafted and offered in granite, York stone, slate and Cotswold limestone to name a few.

“Using upcycled steel frames for overall integral strength, this super structure allows our Boltholes to be lifted, transported and placed in some of the most sensitive environments with little disruption.”

Each Bolthole also boasts supe- insulated walls and floors to maximise comfort for temperature control and energy efficiency, vital on today’s renewable-focused environment while the clever ‘plug and play’ system means the building can literally plugs into an available main power source.

Britt added: “More and more development sites encompass areas that are protected and require minimal disruption from the build process, right though the site’s ongoing servicing. Our bonnie spaces are adaptable and can perform using off grid features without losing any of their charm. We totally understand ‘The Renewable Credentials’ are driven by planning permissions and aspirations of the developer.”

Come and see for yourself how Bonnie Boltholes fits right in to both the landscape and your lifestyle – you’ll find it (and the building) right beside Guy Ritchie’s bar!


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