Be amazed at the skills of working dogs as they’re put through their paces through various gundog challenges at The Game Fair.

Isuzu are proud to be the Official Vehicle of the Gundog Championships.

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Euro Challenge

09.30 – 16.30 Friday 26th July and Saturday 27th July 2024

This takes place in the Marlborough Arena. Teams from across Europe compete for the coveted Euro Challenge Trophy, showcasing the skills of both gundogs and their handlers. This year we have seven European teams of three competing over the two days.

Through a series of tests in a simulated shooting environment, the dogs and handlers demonstrate just how versatile these retriever breeds are. Each team features three dogs from a list of recognised breeds – labrador, golden retriever, flatcoat retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, Curly-coated retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever and Irish Water Spaniel.

Presentation of awards when the competition finishes on Saturday afternoon.

Euro Challenge Judges: Keith Bedford, Paula Cullis
Chief Steward: Mary-Jane Opie

Commentator: Di Stevens

black labrador jumping fence

The Home International Team Competitions

Home International Arena

If you want to see the top gundogs from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales go head-to-head in a purpose-built arena complete with authentic cover crop, jumps and water, then make sure you catch the Home International team competition.

As the UK’s foremost team event, this hotly contested competition always produces intense rivalry between the top dog handlers from each country. This competition has been held every year since 1969 and has always been the centrepiece of the gundog events at The Game Fair.

Team Captains

  • England – David Latham
  • Ireland – Declan Boyle
  • Wales – Alan Rees
  • Scotland – Donald Leitch

Friday 28th July


HPR Judges: Jennifer Hurley, Larry Wilks

Chief Steward: Jonathan David
Commentator: Howard Kirby

Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July

SPANIELS 09.00 – 12.00
RETRIEVERS 14.00 – 17.00

Spaniel Judges: Jeff Rayner, Ivan Wilson

Chief Steward: Mark Clifford
Commentator: Jemma Clifford

Retriever Judges: Judy Rainey, David Logan

Chief Steward: Karen McCarthy
Commentators: Barry & Liz Taylor

The HPR Home International Competition

Established in 2022, and taking place on the Friday, it will showcase the best HPR (Hunt, Point, Retrieve) breeds and dogs from across the UK. Four teams of four – representing England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – will show off their skills and battle it out in the Arena as dogs and their handlers will be put through their paces.

Home International for HPRs on Friday:

Starts at 9.00 am.

Lunchtime demonstration of HPRs.

Presentation of awards when the competition finishes on Friday

Judges, steward and commentators to be announced.

Minority Gundog Breed Challenge

Sunday 28th July 2024

The Minority Breeds Gundog Competition, which is being organised and run by The Working Minority Retriever Club, will be contested in the Marlborough Arena on the third and final day of The Game Fair. It will showcase the remarkable abilities, talents and versatility of gundog breeds that have historically received less attention than popular breeds such as labradors, springers and cockers, while helping to encourage their preservation and appreciation.

The retriever section will see teams of Curly coated retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers and Irish Water spaniels battling it out for supremacy on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, the spaniel competition will feature teams of Clumber spaniels, Welsh springer spaniels and the Lagotto Romagnolo

RETRIEVERS 09.30 – 12.00
SPANIELS 14.00 – 16.00

Retriever Judge: Roger Wade
Spaniel Judge: Gerrry Meehan

Chief Steward: Judy Hempstead


Retrievers: Wendy Perrera
Spaniels: Heather Mayes

Sponsored by Skinners Dog Food. 

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