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The UK’s latest innovative platform for new and used shotguns, rifles, air guns and sporting equipment – – will be live and in-person at this summer’s Game Fair. was designed and created to use the power of modern technology to create a system that supports anyone from the general public wanting to sell their shotgun to large multilocation RFDs that need a fully integrated firearms register.

With the current o social media restrictions on advertising shotguns, rifles and airguns, people can no longer advertise these items for free to thousands of people and instead have to pay for adverts online or sell via an RFD, which includes a commission. was set up by a group of digital exerts who love technology and guns. It is designed to allow the public to sell new/second hand shotguns, airguns and rifles for free, while buyers get a detailed search tool with alerts for when your dream gun is uploaded so you can jump on it quickly.

For dealers, it is now incorporating a fully fledged RFD register system to make the business of buying and selling guns and shooting equipment as painless and seamless as possible.

The register allows the user to keep all their contacts in one place, receive alerts when licenses are about to expire and track every transaction made.

Dealers can effortlessly manage their ammunition stocks, tracing where it has come from and gone to through their contacts.
A stock control system lets you see what you have, complete with price changes.
You can also manage all your guns in one place, booking guns in/out and even adding history to them. It’s a fully traceable history on any gun that travels through your RFD.

It even prints labels for your guns and you can use your existing label printer so there is no further investment needed.
The RFD Register incorporates automated police notifications with document processing and fully complies to the EU Directive 2008/51/EC

If you don’t need a new register you can continue to use your existing one. boasts a powerful automated upload system that can connect to a dealer’s website, EPOS or even an Excel spreadsheet that can automatically upload all your guns and items into the platform. This includes any meta data on your items and any media assets such as photos or videos.

It can also link directly to your accounting software or CRM to create an automated synchronised system.
And if you need help with your advertising and marketing strategy, the team at can assist here too.

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