Do you know about Veganuary? It’s an annual challenge to encourage people to follow a vegan lifestyle during the month of January.

Which is curious, as recent research shows that Britain is turning its back on veganism, with the health concious younger generation buying more game and venison, thanks to celebrity chefs publicising its health benefits.

To counter Veganuary, Eat Wild, the development board for all wild meat, has launched “Join in this January“.

If you go shooting – whether as a Gun, a picker-up or a beater, you can take part and help to educate local communities about the benefits (and delicious taste) of wild meat.


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How Join in this January works

You invite locals along to your village hall, bring birds in the feather along and show everyone how to pluck, butcher and cook game. Eat Wild will supply you with recipe booklets and guides to help with education and for newcomers to take away with them. To cover costs, shoots and Guns could sell game, ask for donations, or team up with their local game dealer.

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild says: “In response to Veganuary, we would like to encourage any shoot in the country to educate the local villages on the benefits of game. We want people to be proactive and work together to ensure there is a market for our wild meat. Teach others about its many benefits.

“Hire your village hall, show villagers how to pluck, butcher and cook with the birds, introduce a friend to game, or ask your local pub, restaurant or supermarket why they might not have game or venison on the menu. Through education, we can all help drive the game meat market and ensure a future for shooting.

Sounds like a great idea to brighten up those dreary January days!

You’ll be able to meet the team from Eat Wild at The Game Fair this summer, giving you the chance to ask about cooking game and taste delicious new recipes.


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