More opportunities than ever to go fishing

Two more fantastic chances to Take a Friend Fishing for free have been announced, including one kicking off during this year’s Game Fair at Ragley Hall.

Take a Friend Fishing (TAFF) is an Angling Trades Association initiative run in conjunction with the Environment Agency and backed by the Angling Trust, Canal & River Trust and other angling bodies.

The two dates for this year’s events are Take a Friend Fishing Easter, running from Saturday, April 1st to Sunday, April 16th inclusive and Take a Friend Fishing with National Fishing Month, from Saturday, July 29th to Sunday, September 3rd.

The latter will start during The Game Fair at Ragley Hall, which this year sees a dedicated Get Into Fishing show down by the lakeside, with trade stands from a number of big brands, plus activities, have-a-go, demonstrations and talks.

Meanwhile, TAFF continues to grow in 2023 with bigger campaigns, more weekends, and more opportunity for you to go fishing and create those long-lasting friendships and memories.
Existing fishing licence holders can register for a FREE one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency at to take someone they know fishing.

Half terms, National and family holidays all provide opportunities for us to unwind, be with friends and interact with the environment around us. Taking a friend or family member on a fishing trip is a great way to spend time outdoors. Escaping modern life to build friendships, create lasting memories and just enjoy some time next to the water, is the ultimate in relaxation.

With the pressures of modern life, physical health and mental wellbeing are more important than ever. The experience of a fishing trip together with a work colleague, family member, partner or just a mate, offers the ideal opportunity to unwind and recharge your battery, whilst being active at the same time.

Getting outside in the countryside is a great way to be together with family and friends and angling is the perfect fit for staying active outdoors, especially if you are staying in England or Wales this summer. There are many fisheries near to where you live that are perfect to visit for a catch-up with a friend during a quick Take a Friend Fishing trip together.

Andrew Race, chairman of the Angling Trades Association (ATA), said: “After the success of Take a Friend Fishing in 2022, I am looking forward to building momentum again in 2023 with an extended programme. Take a Friend Fishing is capable of making such a difference, not only to the long-term development of angling recruitment, but also to people’s lives. Angling is a proven therapy both mentally and physically and it knows no boundaries in terms of ability, age, sex, or background.”

Heidi Stone, Environment Agency Fisheries Partnerships Manager, addedL “Fishing with family members or friends is a fantastic way to spend quality time together whilst also enjoying all that nature has to offer. Take a Friend Fishing is a brilliant campaign that allows anglers of all levels of ability to improve their skills, or simply give fishing a try – and I’m proud to again be supporting this initiative that makes this great hobby more accessible for all.”

It‘s easy to get involved. Simply visit select the date of your fishing trip, enter some basic information about you and your friend, and away you go!

The free fishing licence will be sent with a confirmation email, so remember to have your fishing licence and both people’s email addresses plus a few other details handy when you pre-register to Take a Friend Fishing.

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