Thackray Brown a British Fine Food Hampers at The Game Fair

Thackray Brown offers a sustainable alternative to the luxury hamper.

bringing you premium fare, handpicked from the best independent producers in Britain. From regional classics to award-winning innovations, provenance, quality & taste are at the heart of what they do. From Borough Market to the Orkney islands, they source exclusively from thoughtful producers who all share a level of passion, expertise and attention to detail that means their hampers deliver the most memorable food experience.

As a modern hamper company with a 21st century ethos, Thackray Brown uses

ethical British packaging for their hampers of either reclaimed timber or ‘mycelium’, a pioneering mushroom based material that biodegrades in a matter of weeks & gives way to wildflowers!

Pre-order your picnic hamper today & collect it at the fair.

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