The future of ladies shooting

Last weekend saw the official relaunch of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club at The Game Fair. The next chapter of the ladies’ clay shooting club was celebrated by BASC, who hosted a drinks reception to raise awareness of ladies shooting and celebrate the relaunch of this much loved club and its plans for the future.

The S&CBC is now under the new ownership of Georgina Roberts, Olympic Trap Shooter representing Wales and Great Britain, and the relaunch has been a pivotal moment for the club.

During the reception, Georgina demonstrated why ladies shooting is so important for the sport, “Double Trap was removed from the Olympic Games after Rio 2016 as a result of there only being a male discipline. The female discipline was removed after Athens 2004, due to the fact there wasn’t a high enough level of participation. It’s my goal continue to increase levels of participation at all levels of the sport to ensure this doesn’t happen to any future disciplines, both international and domestic.”

Claire Sadler, Vice-Chair of BASC, has been involved with The S&CBC since the beginning. Claire leads the way for the shooting sport, as well as playing a vital role within the BASC ladies shooting campaign – “It’s fantastic that The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club has been relaunched in such safe and passionate hands as Georgina’s. I look forward to seeing how the club grows and for all the exciting plans that Georgina has for the direction of the club. I think that all of the ladies shooting groups, including The S&CBC, are doing a fantastic job at improving accessibility to our sport and encouraging more ladies to take up shooting. BASC will support The S&CBC, and the other ladies shooting groups, as much as we can.” The relaunch of the Club signified the perfect way to draw the organisations together to create an effervescent partnership, based on their common goal of increasing participation within ladies shooting. Claire’s constant and unwavering support has played a huge part in the success of the relaunch and has helped build the momentum needed to move the Club forward.

Attended by our own Gemma Payne, Group Head of Marketing and keen lady shooter – “It was an honour to be invited to the inaugural Ladies Shooting reception to both celebrate and promote female participation in shooting sports, fieldsports and conservation. I first started shooting with The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club, these ladies have become some of my best friends. It is the ideal way to reverse the decline of licence holders by making the sport accessible, safe and welcoming. We need to continue working to promote diversity within our community and welcome new participants with open arms.”

Georgina has grand plans for the future of The S&CBC, including creating a pathway for ladies that will not only help them get into the sport, but support them to reach their potential in any chosen discipline.

For more information, please contact The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club:

Georgina Roberts

[email protected]


Instgram: @ChelseaBunClub

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Facebook: The Shotgun And Chelsea Bun Club

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