The Ribble Estuary’s Hutton Marsh set for conservation boost

The Preston and District Wildfowling Association (PDWA) have been awarded a £21,000 grant from the Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (WHCT) to improve habitat on the protected Hutton Marsh in the Ribble Estuary.

The grant will be used to fund habitat improvements for nesting birds, as well as to encourage water voles and otters into the area.

A highly designated area, the marsh is both nationally and internationally protected for the flora and fauna found on the site. The project has the endorsement from Natural England.

The work will include an ecological appraisal, groundwork and fencing. A 25-year management plan will be implemented to provide monitoring and reporting functions.

Project coordinator and PDWA chair, Chris Kelly, said: “Founded in 1953 the PDWA has worked tirelessly on its conservation efforts. Thanks to grant funding by the WHCT our next step will provide a significant uplift to the summer breeding bird population and the biodiversity of the site. After multiple years of planning, we are excited to see the work commence next July.”

Paul Williamson, WHCT secretary, said: “The WHCT is delighted to be in the position to aid the PDWA’s objectives of improving the habitat on the Hutton Marsh. Their work showcases their commitment to enhancing the biodiversity of their wildfowling ground.

“The WHCT is also appreciative of PDWA’s involvement with the Waterfowlers Network project to trace the migratory movements of Eurasian wigeon. The WHCT provided £50,000 of funding for the scheme and the PDWA is making available the Hutton Marsh for the project.”

Chris continued: “The PDWA is delighted to be involved in both these important schemes as part of its ongoing long-term conservation strategy.”

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