Welligogs strides forward into 2022

Welligogs began its story in 2000 when founders Kim and Ray Annan made the decision to move from Australia to England.

Kim, being British, always wanted to move back home and give her four children a British upbringing. Ray, a born-and-bred Aussie, was reluctant to leave the sunshine but agreed that pastures new, albeit being on the other side of the world, were worth investigating.

The question was, what were they going to do to provide for their family?

A passing comment from Ray complaining about the British weather ignited a spark for Kim. Rain! Lots of downpours in Britain calls for Wellington boots.

Uninspired by everyday green ones, Kim set about finding an alternative to the green welly and came upon hand painted designs with bright colours.

Once the boots were sourced and the designs were done, the brand was born. Kim, with nostalgic memories flooding her thoughts, named the brand Welligogs, which is what she called her Wellington boots as a child.

Kim and Ray ventured to various exhibition events with one of the first shows being the Chelsea Flower Show back in the early 2000s. If the gardens were a splash of colour, the WG stand was a waterfall.

From flowers to love hearts, paw prints to rockets, tractors to angels, WG was a hit and Kim and Ray were proud to pave the way for the first colourful wellington boots.

WG customers went wild and Kim and Ray continued to travel to shows across the country, putting smiles on people’s faces and colours on people’s feet.

Growing up

As the number of shows increased, so did the designs. Taking inspiration from their four young children, the Welligogs range swelled and matching raincoats and umbrellas were added. Children and adults up and down the country battled the rain in the brightest armour Britain had ever seen.

Jump to 2006, with a number of puddles in between, and a harder-wearing boot was born. With a desire to move to natural, renewable materials, WG introduced a leather boot to the range. Higher quality and longer lasting, it was a game changer, and soon followed the first Louise wax rain jacket.

As the range expanded and WG moved away from plastic and rubber to more sustainable waxed cotton and leather materials, WG was able to source more local materials and have core elements of the range made just down the road.

Fast-forward a bit further and WG began to provide for more than just the rain. Infusing classic heritage design with high fashion, the brand began to introduce garments that were both city ready and county chic.

Family first

Tess, Kim and Ray’s daughter, has since joined the company and now helps run the business out of their family home in Staffordshire. With a slow fashion mindset and sustainability at their core, they opt to use regenerative, eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo and wool.

Their style has a distinctly British flair and the range is designed to be beautiful, wearable and unique. With pieces designed for technical performance, waterproof outerwear and footwear, to beautifully feminine tailored pieces, our products have a timeless, classic quality that can be worn day and night, country and city.

New lines include silk shirts, leather belts and bags, sustainable athleisure, garments are made out of recycled plastic bottles, with designs that loop back to the original hand painted wellingtons.

Proudly promoting British manufacturing and made-in-Europe products, their high-quality tailoring exudes luxury. With a love for the countryside which fuels their designs, they do everything we can to give back to our wonderful planet.

WG has collaborated with the Game Fair for a number of years, being proud sponsors of Ladies Day.

Tess revealed: “The Game Fair is one of our favourite shows to attend. There is so much to see and the crowd are always so happy and friendly. We love hosting Ladies Day and seeing all the fabulous outfits.

“Everyone puts in such an effort and it is a delight to see it grow year on year. We are very much looking forward to The Game Fair 2022 and can’t wait to welcome you onto the WG stand.”


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