Why wild game will be ‘cool’ this January

January is typically the time when diets begin, which is why wild game meat specialist Wild and Game has launched a healthy eating recipe box designed to help dieters enjoy the benefits of game, which is leaner and higher in protein than farmed meats.

These qualities, combined with that fact that it’s higher in key nutrients and more flavoursome than farmed meat, make it perfect as part of a healthy eating or diet plan.

Wild and Game’s latest healthy eating box comes in three sizes and includes all the game needed to cook a selection of low-fat recipes, all included in the accompanying free recipe booklet.

With the cold month of January in mind, you won’t find salads in the selection – instead, the focus is on warming, hearty dishes that don’t taste low fat but are. They include creamy Hungarian style wild boar, paprika and pepper, luxurious venison steak Diane, comforting venison and sweet potato pie, and a zingy Chinese-style pheasant and pineapple stir fry.

The recipes are easy to cook by following the step-by-step instructions and showcase game as a versatile ingredient that works just as well in modern, international dishes as it does in the traditional dishes many people still associate it with.

Steven Frampton, co-founder of Wild and Game, said: “Wild game is the perfect ingredient for anyone wanting a satisfying meal while cutting down on fat and increasing their intake of protein.

“These recipes don’t sacrifice flavour in return for saving on fat and are a great way to ensure you’re getting nutritious, interesting meals while on your diet

“Game is an increasingly popular choice for health-conscious eaters, and on top of that it’s highly sustainable too. Even if you’re not on a New Year’s health kick, these recipes will give you a selection of delicious dishes to enjoy in January.”

The boxes will be available from January 1sthere: https://www.wildandgame.co.uk/collections/variety-and-sample-packs

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