Are you game for a barbecue this Summer?

With all eyes on the summer, game specialist Wild and Game has launched an expanded BBQ offering with two variety packs and recipes.

The company’s barbeque range includes garlic and herb pheasant breasts, chilli and lemon partridge breasts, venison or wild boar steaks, game burgers and sausages plus mallard breasts.

The packs are the latest addition to the firm’s growing range of game-based food, which runs from pies and sausage rolls to ready meals, pates and read-to-cook meats. Other recent additions include game charcuterie and gin-based pâtés.

Steven Frampton, the company’s co-founder, said: “Wild and Game is all about creating new ways to enjoy these lean, healthy meats which have low food miles and are in plentiful supply in the UK. Game meat works beautifully on the barbeque and brings a bit of variety to your summer meals. I’m delighted to say more and more people are embracing game and these new products really showcase British wild game at its best.”

The products arrive frozen but will keep in the fridge for five days if freezer space is limited.

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