Dealers reminded over gun certificate changes

The Gun Trade Association has reminded shooting retailers that firearms licensing departments will be issuing new-style certificates from May 7th, with additional requirements.

The main change is that the certificates now require the ‘unique identifying mark’ to be recorded, rather than just the serial number.

At the same time, where one of the relevant component parts has a non-matching mark, that too should be recorded. For example, where a bolt has been replaced on a rifle, the unique identifying mark of that bolt should also be listed on the certificate.

In the case of modular rifles with additional barrels / bolt heads, all those details should be recorded. It will be useful to remind customers that if they are applying for a variation for a second barrel and bolt head, the variation must include a request for both parts to be included.
Lin Oxley, the GTA’s deputy director, said: “You should already be recording all these details in your registers, now they are also going on certificates.

“Old certificates will continue to be valid and will only be replaced at renewal. Older firearms that do not have all the features of the new unique identifiers only need the details available to be recorded. Only firearms manufactured or imported since September 14th, 2018 will have the full unique identifier details.”
The new certificates also now include a request that notifications are submitted by electronically, with the registered/recorded postal method only being a back-up when this is not possible.

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