Fishing and health initiative to launch at The Game Fair

A bold new initiative from the Countryside Alliance Foundation, called Castaway, will bring the health benefits of fishing to those affected by all types of cancer – and it is being launched at this summer’s Game Fair.

Castaway will support both men and women affected by cancer, improving their physical and mental health by engaging with fishing and the restorative and pastoral qualities of the countryside.

Castaway’s one-day fishing mini courses and introduction to angling – and beyond – caters for those who have finished their treatment – inviting them to have an introduction to fishing and the wellbeing benefits of the countryside, in a fun and supportive environment.

The programme will be based on local and community focus and philosophy and will also be introducing participants to the restorative benefits of the countryside, including the wellbeing through healthy eating, local produce and community activities.

Participants will be able to share experiences and make friends, as well as finding resources through on on-going community website.

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