Hoddy’s launches with wild British pheasant dog food

Dog food brand Hoddy’s has unveiled a new line of balanced and nutritious food for active dogs, using sustainable wild pheasant.

After years of testing, the brand says it has perfected a unique formula for a sustainable source of wild pheasant for dogs.

Using the latest AI technology to ensure a shot-free product, Hoddy’s dog food ensures that no part of the bird goes to waste, while also providing a naturally nutritious, well balanced dry food for dogs.

Mark Hodson, founder of Hoddy’s and editor of Talking Game magazine, which champions game cookery, explained: “We’re so pleased to be launching Hoddy’s dog food. The pre-launch response has been incredibly positive, not just from those in the shooting community who view this as a major boost for the industry by ensuring the elimination of waste, but also from those who just want a high quality, highly nutritious food for their dogs.

“Once we got the technology right, we then spent over a year working with a nutritionist to get the best possible recipe for a 100 per cent natural dog food that’s grain free, hypoallergenic and proving very popular with working and active dogs.”

Hoddy’s wild British pheasant dog food contains over 25 per cent pheasant and, with a protein content of over 30 per cent, this all-natural premium product is designed for active dogs.

While select cuts of the bird are removed for human consumption, Hoddy’s is designed to ensure that what is left does not go to waste.

Speaking at the launch of Hoddy’s, Holly Mills from The Coach House Veterinary Clinic in Oxfordshire, said: “My two spaniels loved Hoddy’s. I personally love how sustainable Hoddy’s is being sourced and made in the UK. It’s 100 per cent worth trying your dogs on it.”

Free samples of Hoddy’s are now available online at hoddys.co.uk, where customers can also subscribe to a regular supply by joining the Hoddy’s community.

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