Industry Influencer – Chris Horne

GunsOnPegs managing director Chris Horne and his father, James, who is chairman, set up the business up from what started out as a little hobby website beside their day jobs.

Chris explained: “Being able to turn your hobby into your livelihood is a huge privilege because the conversations you have at ‘work’ and with customers are nearly always about the thing you do for fun! It helps that secretly I’m a little techy geek behind the scenes and running a tech-based business is such an exciting blend of hobby and face-paced business.

“Shooting itself is going through a lot of change at the moment but it will never detract from why we all love it so much – the perfect chance to have a laugh with your mates. Whatever happens, we’ll still be able to stay in a pub in the middle of nowhere the night before a day in the field and spend incredibly valuable time with people you care about.

“The fact we can add a few to the bag is a bonus and makes the day out worthwhile. It’s why the strapline to GunsOnPegs is ‘Plan the best days of your life’.

“The Game Fair is a celebration of the great British countryside and, if 2020 taught us anything, it just got even more important. Zoom has been a saviour but I am so glad it will never replace the incredibly fun interaction of diarised events like The Game Fair – a chance to get out, see new products in the flesh and catch up with friends.

“Plus, the GunsOnPegs parties on a Saturday night seem to have got a bit of a reputation and this year’s one will be the biggest yet, trust me!”

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