Italian casting master flying into Fishing Village

Top instructor Paolo Ercoli from the Italian School of Fly Fishing (SIM) will be a special guest on the Fishing Village’s casting pool this summer.

Paolo will be on hand to demonstrate the ISM technique – a specialist Italian fly casting style using lightweight fly lines

These casts have their origins in tackling pocket waters and streams native to Italy but, over the years, they have been expanded and adapted to be used to tackle almost all circumstances that an avid fly angler may find him or herself in.

Paolo will introduce the public to a selection of casts utilised at the school: The angled cast, the Sottovetta cast, the Radente cast, the twist cast, the Tagliato cast and the Curved cast.
Once you’ve been inspired, head over to the Whieldon Fly Fishing stand where Tom Whieldon will tell you more about the fabulous fishing trips, events and guided fishing holidays he organises to Lake Como and northern Italy.

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