Scottish estates urged to help in survey

Rural communities are being asked to detail their experiences of policing and crime in the countryside as part of a major survey by the Scottish Countryside Alliance. 

Crime has always been a key issue throughout the countryside but it has risen up the national agenda in recent weeks thanks to growing awareness of the problems that rural communities are facing. 

One of the ways that the organisation is trying to spread awareness of these issues is by seeking the views of those who live in Scotland, and work in, or regularly visit, rural areas, on that same subject. 

Rural policing is an important issue in the countryside and the SCA wants to understand the nature of any crimes committed and how the police have responded. 

The results of this survey will be presented to the Scottish Parliament ahead of the election next year in order to make sure that rural crime and policing concerns are given the attention that they deserve. They will also be presented to the Scottish Government and Police Scotland. 

But be quick as the survey – which should only take around 10 minutes – will close on Sunday, October 24th. 

You can find the survey here: 

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