Sleeping outside raises cash for Country Food Trust

An icy sleep outside helped two Country Food Trust ambassadors raise almost £2,000 while also raising awareness of those struggling to afford food.

Sophie Green and Henry Rossiter, wanted to bring the issue of how many people are struggling with food poverty and hit on the idea of sleeping outside to raise donations for the CFT, which is The Game Fair’s official charity again this year.

The charity was set up back in 2015 to raise funds to provide nutritious, game-based meals to feed those in need.

With temperatures of up to -4 degrees Celsius, the pair took the challenge head on before Christmas and even enjoyed CFT food pouches for dinner.

Speaking on social media afterwards, Sophie said: “The cost-of-living crisis is having a huge impact on families across the UK this year, but Christmas is an even harder time.

“The average household’s Christmas dinner cost has shot up by a staggering 11.4 per cent this year. And, sadly, children may face the biggest impact, missing out on Christmas dinner, a warm home and presents, as parents are forced to make hard decisions due to rising food costs but, together, we can change this.

“My fellow ambassador Henry and I strongly believe that no-one need suffer from hunger. Especially not in the UK.”

The pair hope to do it again with the Bucklebury Farm and Deer Safari Park team in Berkshire this year.

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