The first ever HPR Home International in the UK

The Game Fair has extended an invitation to the HPR (Hunt, Point, Retrieve) group of working dogs to show their capabilities in the first HPR Home International competition to be held in the UK. The Game Fair will once again take place in the stunning surroundings of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire from 18 – 20 September, with a number of exciting new gundog events.

On Friday, 18 September, HPR teams of 4 will represent England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and battle it out in the prestigious Home International Arena. This will be followed by the Home International for the best retrievers, spaniels and their handlers on Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s just fantastic! What an amazing opportunity to demonstrate what a wonderful group of people and working gundogs the HPR community is,” says Howard Kirby, who has been tasked with organising the new event.

Dogs and handlers will be put through their paces in a competition that will see some of the top Working Test HPRs in the UK.  Hunting, steadiness to shot, marked, blind and water retrieving skills will be tested.

“We are going to need a ‘small army’ of people to ensure that we do this fantastic opportunity justice. Stewards, dummy throwers and scorers will need to be recruited. I’m hoping that we will get offers of help from people within the HPR community that want to be part of this highly prestigious event,” says Howard.

For further information and to volunteer, please email Howard Kirby on [email protected]

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