We asked a group of people why they come to The Game Fair and what they particularly like about it.

Here’s what they said. Anything sound familiar?

“Catching up with friends”

We talked to somebody who’s being coming to the Game Fair for over 20 years and he said it was the perfect place to meet up with friends he’d been at agricultural college with. He said: “We’re all so busy throughout the year, it’s hard enough to get to speak, let alone meet up in person but the Game Fair is the one date that is sacrosanct. We all block out that time in our diaries, get the VIP tickets as soon as they’re on sale and get to spend the day together in great surroundings, having lunch and catching up on a year’s worth of gossip.

“Everyone is happy. The kids can go off and do stuff like watch the working dogs or the horses. There’s a bit of retail therapy for partners. We usually camp and make a long weekend of it.”

“Shopping definitely”

A whopping 60% of our visitors say they come to the Game Fair so that they can go shopping for country and sports equipment. So what’s particularly good about it?

“You can try stuff on – you can’t do that online and it’s a nuisance sending stuff back, but at The Game Fair you can try shoes and boots for size and see what fits best.”

“There’s always a few bargains around.”

“It’s a good place to look at optics and see what the latest technology offers. The staff on the stands know their stuff and you can try out different scopes or binoculars, asking all sorts of questions.”

“It’s much more individual and personal than shopping on the high street – you can get some quirky original things.”

“I’ve got a Young Gun and we’re looking for a good second-hand gun. Gunmakers’ Row is a good place to get ideas, buy and you can see how well a gun fits.”


boy with puppy and ferret

“Outing with the grandchildren”

One proud grandparent said:”The countryside has changed a lot since I was a boy and there’s a lot of misconceptions about what really happens. It’s a great opportunity to show my grandchildren all the things I used to do growing up, like ferreting. They can also learn about fly-fishing, have their face licked by a friendly hound and get the chance to shoot some clays.”


boy learning to shoot

“A bit of time together”

“My partner and I met through a shared love of fieldsports and we like going to The Game Fair, just the two of us. It’s a special weekend away, watching and doing things we love and we’re also fans of glamping too.”

hounds and children

“Seeing all the different dog breeds and watching the dog events”

“I love seeing all the different breeds of dogs that are there and talking to the breeders. There’s always a breed there I’ve never heard of before and you also get to see breeds that aren’t so commonplace these days, like the Sealyham.”

“Watching the working dogs being put through their paces in the competitions is amazing. You see what a well-trained dog can really do. I live in hope with mine!”


girl learning archery

“Family day out”

“We’ve got kids of different ages – from a toddler to a 16-year old so when we go out to do something as a family, it’s sometimes hard to find an outing that everyone will enjoy. But that’s why The Game Fair is perfect for us. The teenagers can go and meet up with their friends and have some fun away from their embarassing parents. My 10-year old (who still thinks dad is cool) loves all the have-a-go stuff, particularly the fishing. Then the little one is never happier than when watching animals, whether it’s the hounds or the ponies in the Shetland Grand National. They ask to go back every year and this time we’re going to be camping.”



We always do our very best ensuring that The Game Fair really does offer something for everyone. Tickets to The Game Fair make a perfect birthday, anniversary, housewarming, congratulations or Christmas present for an individual, a family or a couple and the earlier you buy, the more you save. You can buy them from the comfort of your chair too.